The First Leg (in a nutshell)

Well, here goes nothing! With the big move-out and our perfect wedding behind us, we are off! THE Trip (as we have dubbed it) officially started at 1:32pm on Sunday, June 24th. We hopped into the White Rascal (our minivan turned poorman’s RV) and pulled out of Denver leaving the burning state in our dust…at least for the near future.

After a few steamy hours on the road we spotted a sign pointing to “Carhenge”…Alliance, Nebraska’s claim to fame. Being only 3 miles out of our way there was really no way not to make a quick pit stop. When we say Carhenge think Stonehenge with a twist. Rather than ancient stones, Carhenge is constructed by old cars partially buried in the ground and made tower over the mere mortals that come to bask in its glory. Needless to say, it was well worth the leg stretch. Seeing as Ireland did not make it onto the final draft of our itinerary it’s a good thing we stopped to soak in some Irish culture…Nebraska style!

Following Carhenge we took South Dakota by storm. Arriving late and in the dark, we finally reached the much anticipated Badlands. After setting up our tent (for the first time) in the dark and intense humidity we were more than ready to hit the sack. (We are sad to report that the White Rascal has yet to be utilized to its full potential as a hard cover tent [read RV] due to the necessary transporting of mass amounts of wedding fun to good old Wisco for the upcoming shindig celebration.) When you get to wake up to the Badlands out your front door, you know the long drive was a good idea.

Despite its name, the Badlands definitely delivered the goods! We spent the morning gallivanting around the park snapping mass amounts of pictures. (You know…we needed a good selection to choose from for the first official Photo of the Day after all. It had nothing to do with the fact that we were overjoyed to be on the road after all the planning.) We lucked out and found a big horned sheep hanging out on the roadside and picture ready. (We think he may have been on the park payroll in order to give visitors an authentic experience and a nice photo op.)

On our way out of the park we also encountered a few bison who seemed eager for a photo shoot as well. Between the beautiful, mysterious Badland rock formations and the cooperative wildlife, we would venture to rename the park to something a little less menacing. It was the perfect place to kick off THE Trip!

On Wisconsin!!! Next stop is the dairy state for some family time and one last wedding celebration!

Written somewhere in South Dakota while in transit from the Badlands to Lancaster, WI. 

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