Westward bound!

Hi Ho White Rascal! We have our noses pointed west into the sunset as we truck across Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming. (We have state sign pictures to prove it too!) With our sights set on the Tetons, we spent the night at exit 119 at a North Dakota rest stop only to dream of big mountains and hit the road again bright and early in hopes of finding them as soon as possible.

Hard to believe, but we hit the 3,000 MILE MARKER today and were definitely due for an oil change and in need of groceries. We made a pit stop in crazy Billings, MT. Not sure if it was the time of day we were there or the errands we needed to run, but everything about Billings seemed completely chaotic. (On the plus side, we got free ice cream sandwiches! Two points for Billings.) Dinner in Yellowstone tonight (Hooray!!) before we park the van in Tetons for some shut eye before the real fun begins tomorrow out on the trail! Bring it on Tetons!

Written while driving through Cody, Wyoming.

2 thoughts on “Westward bound!

  1. I love this! So fun to get to see how it’s going. I hope u have the time of your life! Buddy I am up at 6 this morning and moving today without u sooo sad. Barbara one of his many many talents is moving me n my family, driving a large truck packed w my whole life and manages to keep me calm. He is probably the man I feel safest with. Have a fun safe trip and I will be following ur adventures! Your life will be full of them together. I know everyone gives you advice as a Newley we’d couple here’s mine. Plain and simple respect one another always. Lift each other up when the other needs it. (there will be many times when you don’t understand their feelings). And always communicate, you don’t have to fight if u keep that line open. And last but not least make the effort to make the other feel loved always. Know u two are best friends and so in love an he will always be your best friend from here on out. We love y’all and have so much fun!

  2. You two are freaking adorable. I’m loving your blog!!!! Keep having a blast! In excited to read about your next adventures!

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