Drip Drop – Here Comes the Rain…and the Sun

Ah, yes…rain! We were beginning to wonder what fueled all of these vibrant wildflowers. Well, it is safe to say that now there is no doubt in our minds. Thanks for the lesson Mother Nature. Message received.

We woke up to a soft pitter-patter sounding on the roof of the White Rascal. A quick glance out the rearview window confirmed our soggy suspicions. It was indeed rain. Both thankful that it was not another mosquito bombardment, we opted to put off our planned hike for a hopefully sunny tomorrow and take a little driving tour instead.

First stop was the St. Mary’s Visitor Center for a quick viewing of Glacier’s two videos. Sad to report that both films were slightly underwhelming…although our yearning for popcorn may have had something to do with our take on the flicks. (But who does not feel like curling up for a movie on a rainy day?!)

Time to hit the pavement! We set out to drive Glacier’s famous Going To The Sun Road. (Construction on this historic road started in 1911 and was completed in 1933. They are just now starting a major overhaul to ensure the Sun Road is intact for years to come.) Since over 80% of Glacier’s annual visitors take the drive, we figured that it would be well worth the 2 hours up and over Logan Pass. Our imaginations sure got a workout trying to envision what was beyond the milkshake thick fog that had the whole road socked in. Needless to say, the views were suboptimal. On the bright side, the traffic was really light!

An afternoon spent lounging on the balcony of the Lake McDonald Lodge on the west side of the park, was the perfect way to escape gloomy skies and catch up on some journaling. (Well, Ron journal-ed while I finished an excellent book that all but completely consumed my waking hours. Good books are great for entertainment and not so great for productivity.) Being serenaded by mini-Mozarts was not half bad either!

Yet again, everything seems to happen for a reason. Our drive back across the park could not have been more spectacular! The clouds opened up to reveal perfect rays of sunlight only made more gorgeous by the rising mist from the days soak. Ron could hardly contain himself as he snapped photo after photo. (Think kid in a candy shop who has already had far to many pixie sticks.)


It was awe inspiring to say the least. A day well spent!

Check out the gallery below:

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