White Rascal on the Loose!

Today’s rundown consisted of:

Drive, drive, drive

Enter Idaho (Woohoo!)

  • Snap a sweeeet picture!
  • Stop in Coeur D’alene for a quick lunch (Sort of a weird place with lots of red/yellow/orange buildings.)

Cross into Washington

  • A-ma-ma-mazing state sign picture. Possibly one of the best yet!
  • Stop in Ritzville, WA for groceries
  • Take away lesson was not to buy groceries in teeny tiny towns.

Drive into the land of Starbucks (Seattle)

  • Found that most Starbucks in this city seem to close between 6:00 and 7:30pm which does not do you much good when you roll in around 8pm
  • Found a Starbucks to perch at and get a little internet
  • Barbara got super hopped up on caffeine. (BAD!)
  • We got free cookies when they closed (GOOD!)
  • Finally got to see our full collection of wedding photos! (GREAT!)

Caught the ferry over to Bainbridge Island so that we are ready to hop on the ferry to Vancouver Island bright and early in the morning.

Parked, “vamped” (van-camped), and slept in yet another parking lot.

Hip! Hip! Hooray!

One thought on “White Rascal on the Loose!

  1. I am so loving following your adventures. Keep it coming . I’m hooked on this like a favorite mini series. Can’t wait to read more. Thinking of you both so often.
    Love, dad

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