The Lost Files: Beach 4

Long time no see Beach 4! It was 321 days ago we got engaged on your foggy shores. That was one of the many happiest days of our life! We vowed we would be back…so here we are!

For those of you who are not quite up to speed yet, we got engaged last September on Beach 4 (Quite the original name…yes, we know.) While Ron’s original plan was to propose on the top of Mt. Whitney at the end of the John Muir Trail, an injury prevented us from finishing the trail at the time. However, as a little bird once told me, one door closed only to open a window…our window being an epic two-week road trip all over the Pacific Northwest. That little unplanned excursion is what landed us on the stony shores of Beach 4 in Olympic National Park. It was absolutely magical as the fog lifted revealing a beautiful sunset with waves crashing rhythmically behind us as Ron got down on one knee. The perfect moment was put on temporary hold as I answered his “Will you marry me?” in total surprise with “For real?!” I quickly recovered with a “Yes! Yes! Yes! YESSSS!!!!!” as lots of kisses ensued.  The best part of all was that Ron captured all of it with his camera’s timer feature. It was like our own little engagement flipbook! That is until our car was broken into outside of Portland a few days later. While the genius criminal did not manage to see the expensive camera, he did manage to steal our olive oil, sunglasses, and plastic baggie of memory cards leaving our trip undocumented and picture-less and us engagement flipbook-less.

Hence, yesterday The Lost Files were born!

After a day of chores and showers (finally!) at a hostel (if you consider some old hippie named Jim’s dirty house with RVs and trailers parked aimlessly around his property a hostel…weird place…even weirder shower experience) we parked the faithful White Rascal in the familiar Beach 4 parking lot. We…or well, Ron…hauled our kitchen cooking bin all the way down the trail to the beach and across the sand to the area we got engaged all those days ago. Serenaded by the high tide waves we whipped up a tasty dinner and uncorked a much-anticipated bottle of wine. Following our celebratory feast, we recreated our engagement photos to the best of our ability. Since the actual engagement crime scene was covered in about 4 or 5 feet of water this go around due to high tide we had to be a little flexible, but all things considered I would say that we more than made up for the previously missing engagement chronicles. (Corny? Probably. Perfect? Absolutely!) There is just something therapeutic about knowing that the Portland car thief did not get the last laugh. We did! (The bottle of wine we polished off pretty much ensured that.)

Check out the full gallery of lost files below:

6 thoughts on “The Lost Files: Beach 4

  1. When I quick scrolled through I saw the remade engagement photos and nearly thought Ron had pulled a good joke – that he had the memory card the whole time but was only joking.

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