Say Cheeeeeeese!

THE PLAN: Drive down the Oregon Coast, taking time to scope out the sea stacks at Canon Beach, Thor’s Well, the Devil’s Churn, and the Heceta Head Lighthouse as we make our way towards California.

THE REALITY: Reliable sources told us that we could see the same sort of sea stacks found at Canon Beach down in southern Oregon so we nixed that somewhat out of the way stop. By the time we made it down to Cape Perpetua where Thor’s Well and the Devil’s Churn are nestled, the tide was extremely low meaning that both sights (which rely on the crashing water power of high tide) were pretty underwhelming. As for the much anticipated lighthouse…well, it is currently under construction for restoration so sadly it was shrouded in a black cloth. Skunked again! That’s okay though…we were able to reroute!

THE REROUTE: Have you ever had Tillamook Cheese? If not, you should. Being from Wisconsin, we take our cheese pretty seriously so naturally we jumped at the opportunity to tour this world-renowned cheese factory. And…It. Was. Awesome! As neat as it was to look down on the machinery lines with the factory employees busy at work packaging this glorious cheese from the observation deck, the best part hands down was the sample line. (We may or may not have made several passes through the line. You know…quality control.) We are now armed with a package of legitimate squeaky cheese curds and a tasty slab of Garlic White Cheddar. Between the cheese and the ice cream, this was a seriously delicious tour. Watch out Wisconsin! (Yikes! Never thought I would say that.)

Let’s hope that our hunt for sea stacks on the southern coast this evening goes as well as our time in Tillamook! (Yum! We are still drooling.)

Check out the gallery below:

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