About Us

The first thing you should probably know about us is that we have a very big and ever-growing bucket list. Since we started dating we have been slowly working through our bucket list one experience at a time…and it’s been AMAZING to say the very least! After our wedding (another BIG bucket list check J) it seemed only logical to pack our backpacks up, move our remaining belongings into a 5’x10’ storage unit, and take off on the adventure of a lifetime! To sum it up…we are homeless, unemployed, and extraordinarily happy! And that, my friends, is who we are in a nutshell!

Other random facts about Barbara and Ron:

  • Barbara always drinks her milk out of her cereal bowl before she eats the cereal to avoid soggy flakes.
  • Ron has a crazy sweet tooth for Sour Patch kids.
  • Barbara knows literally close to zero lyrics to songs. (Which should make for a fun sing-along road trip.)
  • Ron is missing his hang-y ball thing in the back of his mouth. (Uvula?)
  • Barbara has never purchased an iPod and only recently learned how to burn CDs.
  • Ron not-so-secretly wishes his middle name was MacGyver.

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