Here you find a smattering of brilliant, out of context quotes that we collect along the route.  Enjoy!

When asked what his plans were for the 5 month trip he was just starting out on, David (see the Tetons’ blog post) responded, “Well, I’ll tell you what I wasn’t planning on doing. What I wasn’t planning on doing was smoking and drinking for 10 days straight.”

“This is my poor man’s RV too! Can’t ya tell? I sleep in here.” said David. Our immediate thought, “Really?! Where in here?”

Stranger while cooking dinner in the rain under a picnic shelter in Jackson, WY, “This is not the first night of your honeymoon or something, is it?” Our response, “Nope, it’s the 12th.”

German accent required:  “ok just one more photo.  This will be the last one before you fall to your death”  – grandmother to her 2 year old grandson in Badlands

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